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*Play All Day Wrist Bands available at Heritage Festival Headquarters

Stage &   Show Schedule   
10am to 4pm 

Play all day rides and games for all ages,  DJ Music,  Food,  Accessible Market Path of  Makers, local business' & community groups,  live characters, face painting, Interactive shows, live entertainment, magic show,  smiling faces, laughter, joy & summer fun in the park!  

10am * Festivities &  DJ begin!

10:50 Colour Guard & Bag Pipe procession to stage area 11am * Opening Ceremony

12:00pm & 2:30pm *Professor Pricklethorn's
Interactive Tree Show  for Children of All Ages 

(1:00pm *Magic Show Cancelled Due to Family Emergency)

2:00pm  *GIRL POW-R  
Juno Nominee Teen Pop Artist!  

A favourite through the years!  
*Scarborough Dukes of  Harmony
Barbershop Ensemble is performing through the day at various locations throughout the park 


4pm  ~36th Highland Creek Heritage Festival Closes~

Festival Flyer 2023.png

*Rain or shine!

*Walk or bike to the Park

*Bring fold up chairs 

*Path for carriages, strollers, path is wheelchair accessible

*Bring your fold up  chairs, picnic blankets 

 *Water fountain & 
 washrooms in the park 
*Parking allowed on side streets *Parking not allowed on Ellesmere

*Bus Stop nearby

Location:   Highland Creek Community Park   3500 Ellesmere Rd

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